CW: csa, past rape,  past sexual abuse, violent abortion, suicide, eye trauma

did you think it would be enough to be loved?

liar lioness 2 is about lin xue and whether or not it is enough to be loved. is it enough to be loved? or, as someone who holds power because he has known what it is like to have lost it, does lin xue have to learn how to be loved? loving and being beloved: which holds more power?

lin xue and sengreen enter a marriage of convenience, except, lin xue is very really in love with sengreen, and sengreen is very really...just very really about lin xue. 

liar lioness 2 asks:

is love a form of service?  is it a form of possession? what kinds of possession are there?  how is it different to possess as someone who wishes to control, and to possess as someone who has lived an entire life of subservience without a single sole belonging? sengreen's sole sense of belonging, sengreen's sole belonging, was in their blood service to silverbell. without that, who are they? and who can they be, who do they want to be, for lin xue? 

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GenreVisual Novel
Tagsfairies, Fantasy, LGBT, poc-made, Queer, Transgender, trauma


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I'm losing my mind at the ending. How dare you do this to us. 

In all seriousness though, I love this and I love the way you write relationship dynamics in your romances. The toxic behaviors, the mutual hurt. It's so delightfully painful. 


yesyesyes!! i have the first chapter of LL3 out but i think i want LL3 to be like, the central hub / crossroads where many other feyxuan universe characters meet and become friends with sengreen and help sengreen and lin xue decide what to do with the eggs

my friend was like. i loved the part where lin xue [redacted] at the end just BECAUSE it was so painful