[DEMO/WIP] SWANCHIME: a poetic game about two nb/trans lesbians of feather and rose killing the EMPEROR OF PEARL. Odile Lai is not a girl, but a bird, and she has been captured by the EMPEROR OF PEARL to become his ROSE BRIDE. Needless to say, after being forcibly trapped in a humanoid body when her true form is the heavenly creature known as THE BLACK SWAN, she is a little bit traumatized. And very much furious. 

Who can help her escape before the wedding? None other than THE FIRST GIRL-KING OF ERL. That is, if Odile can manage to find her.

KNOWN BUGS:  You can't replay the game w/o clearing your browsing data, I'm not really sure why this happens or how to fix it yet. Also, if you use spacebar to progress the text, at least on Chrome, it will move the browser spacebar down, even though it does respond in-game also. The best way to progress links is by clicking them.

Also, if you press the X option it leads you to a blank screen because I haven't filled out dialogue for that branch yet;;

Follow me on Twitter @swayofseven [projects only] or @feyxuan [main] for updates!

My submission was created for the 2020 Neurodiversity in Games Jam.


Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
TagsDark Fantasy, LGBT, Psychological Horror, Twine


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Love the atmosphere & visuals! Vv strong demo!!The way everyone speaks is so mysterious!

thank you so much!!

Well, cool format. That's really all the feedback I can give so far...Oh and the song is creepy. Kind of mesmerizing, too.


oh my god i'm so sorry this is so late, thank u!

No problem, because my reply is also late! Haha

I tried to play but when I open this page an error pop up! D:

hi! could you tell me more about your error?