umisuzume || 海雀:

umisuzume transliterates to "water sparrow," but such a creature is untranslatable in english, and is known as the murrelet in that language. 

this is a thesis about translation.

this is a thesis about the impossibility of translating trauma.

though nothing is inviolate, I know there is still sacred left.

this is a thesis, and a game, about the ways in which for some of us, our lives are an endless series of violation, and the only inviolate thing is the certainty of that violation. 

but, it's also how, despite that, we find ways to live. 

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Tagsdisability, essay, poc-made, Transgender, trauma

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i've been meaning to play/read this in awhile and it's so moving i don't find words to explain it (lol lost in translation) so i will try to find them... while i don't claim to fully understand this violating nature of everything i feel i got closer to that in a recent experience i've had and this comes close to what I ended up finding out ... it feels relieving, through foreboding too, to have this written out and spelled out more clearly, contrary to the way the world leaves things masked and having us be forced (willing or unwilling) to pretend we live in islands of our minds and bodies. the bit in the 2nd chapter wip too, about translation and language, is also very nice.. to speak a new language does not mean to be immersed or any more knowledgeable in a culture but to speak a new language also must mean escaping somewhere else... if there is not real and consistent safety in my native language or in another language where am i to find safety if it does not exist at all? really excited for the next chapters and curious to see what you will write!! :O

thank you so much I'm so touched this moved you so deeply! I'm finally in a safe enough place to post the new chapters I've hoarded, I'll definitely let you know (I'll reply to this? or you can let me know a better contact! bc id love to discuss further anything in this!!! this knowing is meant for... it's meant to make people who Know feel less alone and give u ways to live and understand living and to find a path forward knowing there's someone like you out there

okay so i just updated it right now, please enjoy!! but i'd also love to hit you up on discord to discuss it more!!!

AAAAAA i'm glad!! also glad that u are in a safe place rn pls keep taking care!!

i'd love to keep discussing it more but i've been super cramped with work stuff, but i think we're mutuals on twit (i'm @hyamara_  !!) so i can send you my thoughts on the update and more over dms once i do play it, if thats ok with you!! i'll send you my discord over there too :D

yes totally!! i also started a new job so i'm basically only free on saturday/sunday ;__; but yes!!